David Lomman

David Lomman
  • Naturopath

  • Hypnotherapist

  • Workshop Leader

  • Teacher

  • Mentor

My passion is to support practitioners achieve better health and wellness for themselves and their clients through the use of RBTI Analysis and other Naturopathic Modalities.

I help clients and fellow practitioners find solutions to issues affecting Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Health. Using solution oriented practices proven to bring physical, mental, spiritual and/or emotional relief.

During more than 30 years experience in the natural health field I have studied many different natural therapy techniques and use my years of experience, my intuition, skills and knowledge to help design programs to assist practitioners and clients break through barriers and restrictions to enable them to get on track to a more fulfilled life.

My Belief

I believe that there is a need for a more comprehensive program to educate and teach people about their bodies and minds. I believe RBTI Analysis can fill this gap in our health care system. And have the passion to teach the benefits to other practitioners to enable them to attain even better results with their clients.